Grow Your Business with Best Accounting Software Focuslyte

Grow your business with the Best Accounting Software

Needless to say, accounting software is essential for a flourishing business. In this day and age of modernization where business activities have moved online and the GST taxation system has made e-invoicing mandatory, best accounting software online with GST compliant technology support has become indispensable.

FocusLyte is a user-friendly and efficient cloud-based GST compliant accounting software. It has been intelligently designed to enable businesses to access their most up-to-date accounting details from anywhere and at any time.

Let us understand a few advantages of FocusLyte Cloud Accounting System and how you can Grow Your Business with the Best Accounting Software:

Create Invoices

FocusLyte software has been designed to simplify your invoicing process. It helps you create professional invoices and gives you the flexibility to design your custom invoice formats.

FocusLyte also offers added ease of generating sales receipts and business estimates that you can share with your prospective clients and stakeholders in just a blink of an eye.

GST, E-Way Bill and E-Invoice Support

GST filing is an essential part of running a business in India. FocusLyte simplifies this process by helping you generate GST reports. It also enables the automation of the GST filing process.

FocusLyte also offers support for e-way bill generation. You can easily generate an e-way bill JSON file from the sales document itself. It is a hassle-free process that is aimed to help you save time and effort.

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FocusLyte also enables easy compliance to E-Invoicing requirements. You can generate the E-Invoice from the voucher entries. All in the click of a single button. Mailing your customer the E-Invoice is also an aided possibility in FocusLyte.

Accounting Reports

It is essential for a company to keep a track of the various parameters in order to know how the business is performing. This is exactly where FocusLyte cloud computing software is highly beneficial.

It helps you generate and download customized business reports from your account dashboard. You can use these reports to analyze the statistics and address the bottlenecks to drive business growth.

Cash Flow Management

For any business however big or small, cash flow management is a tedious task. FocusLyte software has been created by keeping in mind your requirement to record all bills and track the payment progress.

You can enter your vendor invoices in the FocusLyte system and pay them on their due dates. FocusLyte also enables you to create and schedule recurring payment instructions for invoices that are to be paid on a periodic

Inventory Management

Inventory management is another task that requires a lot of time and effort. A business with a large number of SKUs and bulk order processing requires a robust system for inventory management.

FocusLyte enables you to manage your inventory with the help of HSN codes or product names. It has an intuitive user interface with scalable features. Inventory management cannot get better than this!

FocusLyte is a SaaS-based cloud accounting software that has been certified by the GST authorities. It is highly customizable and can be easily deployed. It has been designed for different segments of taxpayers and for a variety of businesses across all industries.

FocusLyte relieves you of your accounting worries so that you can focus on your business growth! It offers all the accounting resources that you may need for your business in one place.

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